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With the final Twilight film about ready to roll I think it is time for all of us to reconsider some previous tried and true vampire paranormal romance books to get us through all the hype. I don’t know about you, but it sure seems to me that the media could be happy to talk about some other vampire romances then Bella and Edward. Heck, a little attention to our gal Sookie wouldn’t be out of line! But for those of us who are up to date on the adventures of the folks in Bon Temps and are thinking we would love to sink our teeth into some other ways to look at those daylight-averting denizens of the night, here are a few books you might enjoy.

The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, vampire paranormal romanceThe Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice

If you haven’t yet read Anne Rice’s introduction to the modern vampire, this new collection of the major stories into one volume set might be just the ticket. Set in steamy New Orleans, the stories begin with the thrilling “Interview with the Vampire” that sets the tone. Sensual in nature, descriptive to the point of delirious, it was the supernatural drama that spawned an industry. We meet Louis, a young widower who finds Lestat the charming vampire who offers him immortality. Then in “The Vampire Lestat” we see that world through the eyes of Lestat, and the background of the vampire world gets established. With the third book in the series, “Queen of the Damned” Rice builds on the vampire world she has introduced us to as the mother of all vampires is awakened.

Humanity is at stake and Queen Akasha may indeed call Lestat to rule by her side. Finally we return to our initial anti-hero Lestat in “The Body Thief”. The vampire has decided he has had enough of immortality; he wants to be human again. To do this he swaps bodies with a criminal and soon is immersed in humanity for good or bad. But when he finds he has had enough, he soon discovers that getting his beautiful and immortal body back may not be as simple as he thought. All four books in one big gulp. To my mind this is the best way to get immersed in the first really modern rendition of the vampire world by the Queen of the Undead herself. This special is available only in a boxed paperback set, but you can download the individual kindle versions as well for Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned and The Tale of the Body Thief right here.

Fevre Dream by George R R Martin, vampire paranormal romanceFevre Dream by George R.R. Martin

This one isn’t exactly what I would call a vampire paranormal romance story, but it does have a great interpretation of what a vampire might be and how their friendships might bond them. This being Martin, you can expect lots of action and bloody action at that. The story takes place in the 1850s on a steamboat on the Mississippi River. A crusty old captain by the name of Abner Marsh is hired by a mysterious person to make his riverboat available on what proves to be a ride into the world of vampires.

But here they are not the undead. In Martin’s world vampires are a race of warriors who among other things have an undying thirst for blood. It is that thirst that vampire Joshua York seeks to find deliverance from, and an entry into the human race. Of course, it is not without perils, and other vampires who would prevent him from finding his answers. Fevre Dream is an unusual and deadly lyrical look at vampires from a master of horror. It has recently been re-released as a paperback  and it also comes in a Kindle version.

Ano Dracula by Kim Newman, vampire paranormal romanceAno Dracula by Kim Newman

What if Dracula had won instead of Moriarty in the original vampire tale Dracula? That is the jump off point in this amazing vampire tale that was so well-liked that it is back in print by popular demand. Dracula not only survives, but goes on to marry Queen Victoria and make England into a haven for vampires. Soon the tale centers on Silver Knife, also known as Jack the Ripper. The difference is that in this Victorian England, it is vampire girls in White Chapel whose throats are being slashed.

A gentleman from a secret society and an ancient vampire woman team up to solve the mystery and stop the killings. What they find may be of huge consequence for the empire itself. Expect plenty of guest appearances from everyone from Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw to Professor Moriarty and Allan Quartermain. Ano Dracula is now available in Kindle as well as paperback and if you love it, there are several more books in the series.

Ephemeral by Addison Moore, vampire paranormal romanceEphemeral by Addison Moore

The last thing Laken remembers is that she was hit by a car and went through its windshield. She is pretty darn sure she should be dead, but instead she wakes up in the woods, being chased by a very scary creature. But just when things look deadly, she is rescued and brought to a house where she seems to be known by these strangers. In fact, that is when everything gets very strange for Laken, for she soon discovers her brother and ex-boyfriend, both dead as far she knew, are here. They tell her that she fell out of a tree and hurt her head. They tell her that is why she has these weird memories they say are false, of a life she lived before. But she knows that cannot be true and her memories are reality.

The only problem with her memories being true is it begs the question what does that make the place she is in now? The only person who believes her is Cooper, the mysterious boy that saved her in the forest. She still loves her ex, but is beginning to have feelings for Cooper. And all of this wouldn’t be so confusing if she just knew where she was. What is really happening?

I don’t see many vampires in this paranormal romance mystery, but just about everything else is there. It is a great new take on the whole paranormal romance triangle, and also just a really original story. This is the newest book to come out in my little series of vampire tales, and one well worth checking out. Word is: there are more yet to come. Ephemeral only comes in Kindle so you can download and read it without delay!

So there you have it. Everything from a classic vampire paranormal romance in Anne Rice’s famous vampire series to the latest in paranormal romance triangles for the YA set. I guess that when it comes to finding a supernatural novel with a romantic twist, there are always a few great ones lying around waiting to be read.

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