True Blood Twins for Sookie and Bill


true blood twinsWell they say good things come in small packages and I guess that is really true for proud mama and papa Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer who gave birth to twins in September. The little True Blood twins were a bit early, they weren’t expected for another couple of weeks, but the word is out that they are doing fine, as is mom Anna. That, of course, is always the biggest concern. I mean, have you seen how tiny Anna is? How she can even carry twins is beyond belief, but she did and she is grinning from ear to ear every time you see her.

The couple, who of course met while filming True Blood, were married back in August of 2010 but the news that Anna was pregnant this past year was a big surprise to many. Of course, she luckily didn’t show much as they were completing last season’s filming and the start of shooting for Season 6 was put off until January to give Anna some time to regain her strength (and figure!) after the birth. Of course, with True Blood, twins would show you know, what with all the nudity they have!

At first the gender of the babies was pretty hush, hush. But word was out in the last week or so that they were proud parents of a boy and a girl. I have a feeling that they would have been happy with whatever outcome the gender of the twins happened to be. But locals spotting Anna walking around Malibu with the kids strapped in nicely said she looks quite content. The pic above with both Anna and Stephen looks pretty happy, so good for them! I wonder how Stephen’s two kids Lilac and Billy feel about the new brother and sister.

It seems to be True Blood twins all around these days as we get the news about several happy couples. First it was Sam Trammell and Missy Yager, then it was Anna and Stephen and now Marshall Allman and Jamie Ann Allman have announced they are expecting twins as well. Must be something in that true blood!

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