True Blood Casting – New Romance for Sookie?


After all the noise about how this new season was supposed to be the one where Sookie and Alcide finally get their time together, it looks like a new wrinkle may be introduced. Mind you, it’s a really nice looking wrinkle – but it is still probably going to give Alcide yet another rival for Sookie.

Casting at True Blood has confirmed that British hunk Rob Kazinsky will be joining the True Blood cast in the upcoming season. You might have caught his very popular turn on Brothers & Sisters as a doctor recently. He has also done some guest appearances on Law & Order: Los Angeles. I guess it is some consolation for losing out on that sweet dwarf role in The Hobbit this spring because of injuries. Just hope he is up to it on True Blood, the show can get pretty physical.

However, keeping in the fantasy vein begun with The Hobbit, on the next season of TB he will be appearing as a faerie named Ben (who the heck names a faerie Ben?) who will turn out to be very helpful to Sookie and Jason. He will be lending them a hand towards understanding the family history amongst the faerie folk and from the sounds of things, get pretty close to Sookie. Word is Sookie and Ben have a mutual attraction going, though no word on whether any horizontal dancing happens.

We will just have to light some candles for our Alcide and hope he gets his wish this season and finally does the horizontal bop with his favorite gal.

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