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Demon Lover by Juliet Dark, fantasy romanceDemon Lover by Juliet Dark

If you like your fantasy romance to start hot and go to sizzle from there, boy have I got a book for you! I guess it should come as no surprise that if you write a story about a woman who falls in love with a succubus that the love scenes might just make the pages smoke a bit, but this one really does begin with one of the hotter scenes I have read for a while in a fantasy romance and just seems to escalate from there.

The opening epilogue is a torchy bodice-ripper, the idea being that we are seeing a piece of an historical fiction book whose author then becomes the center of the story that is to follow. It is a great device for dragging you into the story by the collar and making sure you never stray too far after that. At least, it certainly worked for me!

Vampies and Demons and Lust – Oh My!

Callie McFay is a recent college graduate with a thesis that has been turned into a bestseller. The thesis and book both dealt with the subject of demons lovers in gothic literature, so it is easy to see why the subject proved so popular. When we first meet her she is chatting with Elizabeth Brook, the Dean of a small college in Upper State New York. We will find out in time that Dean Brook is far more than her pearls and designer suits reveal. The college has a great folklore department, a perfect fit for someone like Callie; although she isn’t sure the non-urban setting will work for her. That all changes when she sets her eyes on Honeysuckle House, a setting she soon finds haunting her dreams.

The house, it turns out, was the home of an author that Callie was long interested in. Dahlia LaMotte was a woman who wrote such convincing and dark gothic romances that Callie focused much of her thesis on her works. The house enchants her, and in some disturbing ways calls to Callie. But no sooner does she move in, ready to begin her new life at the college, than she begins to have disturbing dreams. Dreams of a demon lover, much like the one Dahlia wrote of many years before. It turns out it is no coincidence.

Fantasy Romance and More

The book takes some dark twists; we learn more about Callie and her almost life-long relationship with a dream being who has comforted her ever since her parents died tragically when she was still young. The Dark Prince returns as she settles into her writers job, and although at first she convinces herself he is just a dream, in time she begins to see he is more. A lover made of moonlight that comes in the night to leave her breathless and wanting more.

But the price she may pay for his love is too high, for she knows if she allows him to continue to come into her dreams he will suck her soul dry. It is here the romance begins, and even by the ending of the book doesn’t quite resolve itself. For how can you have a HEA with a succubus?

There are other mysteries in the story, the tale of the aptly-named Phoenix who becomes Callie’s roommate; Callie’s digging into Dahlia’s manuscripts for a clue to the identity of her lover, and the appearance of the poetic and mysterious Liam who sweeps her off her feet. The tale gets darker and at the same time the erotic scenes get even hotter.

Romantic Mystery with Plenty of Fantasy

The romance never takes away from the mystery but I have to say it really sets the tone for this book. If you are at all uncomfortable with very honest physical scenes in a book, I would pass this one by. But if you like a little spice in your reading material, this one really covers it and with a strong set of characters that made me want to know more about them as I turned each page. The host of witches, demons and faeries that Callie comes to know are just one more reason to love this cast of characters. Luckily they are set to return soon in the next book of this series, The Water Witch.

A book I was surprised to find I liked more and more as I got further into it, I recommend putting some time aside to read this one alone; maybe with a nice glass of wine or nip of brandy on the side. It is just the thing for those long winter nights when you are missing a certain someone.

You can grab your own copy of The Demon Lover in either paperback or Kindle format right here!

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