Sookie’s Entertaining Vampire Short Story in Death’s Excellent Vacation


vampire short story, Sookie, Death’s Excellent VacationI realized while I was reading the wonderful Sookie Stackhouse Companion that Charlaine Harris talked about one short story I had never read. A short story with Sookie and Pam taking off for a girlfriend’s holiday at that! I mean, you could have knocked me over with a feather, because I thought I had caught all of them, especially with having read A Touch of Dead and now the companion book’s short story Small Town Wedding. I will confess to being a bit of a completist, so now I was faced with the awful truth that there was a Sookie tale out there I hadn’t read! At least, one that was written by Harris, I know there are tons of Sookie tales out there in fanfic land that I will never get around to reading. So what else could I do but track it down? And let me tell you, I am glad I did!

Death’s Excellent Adventure

Just the title says it all – doesn’t it? Charlaine got together with partner-in-crime Toni L.P. Kelner and decided that what we really needed is another holiday-themed collection of great and fun paranormal tales. They had done the Christmas thing, and really who needs a bunch of vamps doing the Fourth of July (do they even celebrate it? Heck- some were probably around for the first one!) But who could resist the idea of the paranormal on a bit of a summer vacation? Wooo!

There is a whole baker’s dozen of great stories here, and of course the one I was looking forward to was “Two Blondes”. It’s a tale of Sookie and Pam on a trip to Tunica, Mississippi for a bit of fun at the casinos out there. Well, ya there is this one little favor they need to do for Erik (isn’t there always a catch?) but then the girls are gonna have some fun.

Of course it doesn’t quite turn out that way. The “sleazy gentleman’s club” turns out to be a trap. In the end, Sookie and Pam end up being more than a little more closely acquainted with a set of stripper poles. Don’t blush now – this is our gal Sookie and you know in the end she will find her way out of it. She has to, since this story takes place just before Dead in the Family.

Another Dozen to Taste

Of course, there is so much more here than just Sookie and Pam on an adventure! I love that many of my favorite paranormal authors are here including Lilith Saintcrow, Katie Macalister and Sharan Newman to say the least of it. Some of the short stories are fun, much like the one Harris did for the collection. But there are a few that are fairly dark, and since these are all paranormal with a twist, expect a bit of the unexpected here.

But it is a great place to try out a whole bunch of authors and from it find out if you like their writing style. Fantasy is really a genre where the way the author presents their world is so primary to the experience. So if you are a lover of urban paranormal (which these pretty much all are) this might be a good sampling to see whose offering perks your appetite. Kinda like a plate of bon bons, they all involve chocolate, but the real test is to find out what is in the filling!

You can grab your sweet copy of Death’s Excellent Adventure in either the paperback, hardcover or Kindle editions right here!

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