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SNAP New Talent Book Two of the Kandesky Vampire Chronicles by Michele Drier, vampire romanceSNAP: New Talent: Book Two of the Kandesky Vampire Chronicles by Michele Drier

In this fast paced second part of a great vampire romance series, we are once again thrown into a world of high-powered media, ultra-wealthy vampires and European old-world luxury meets Southern California attitude. Oh – and did I mention romance, danger and lots of great looking locations? I love what Drier has done to the basic vampire story with this series. From the first you are sucked into a very classy world of centuries old wealth, but seen through the eyes of a very 21st Century California woman. Thankfully, there isn’t a trace of valley-girl speak in the package.

For those new to Michele Drier’s vampire universe, it is one populated by two enormously powerful vampire families. They remind me of the old tales of the Italian Sicilian families of the Mafia, except when these guys say they have been feuding for four hundred years, they mean the same exact guys have been feuding that long, not just the family.

Action Gives Book Plenty of Heat

The Kandesky clan is the one that our heroine Max is attached to, through initially her job but later through her romance with Jean-Louis Kandesky the very delicious vampire and artistic director of the gossip media empire his family runs. When Max finds she is almost kidnapped by Huzars, the rival vampire family, the action begins to heat up quickly. Jean-Louis will do whatever he can to protect her, including teaching Max how to stay connected with him telepathically in case anything should happen to her.

The stakes are high, but as we see in the lush surroundings and globetrotting behavior, the rewards are too. For much more than the media empire is being battle over here, what is really at war is the two family’s choices on how to be a modern vampire. And Max and her lover may just be trapped in the middle.

More Heat to Come

Lots of grand vampire romance here, and some wonderful characters that make you want to read more. Luckily there is another book coming after this one, because I for one want lots more. I saw some reviews that said you needed to read the first book to follow this one, but I didn’t find that to be so. Drier does a quick catch-up at the beginning that I found got me into the meat of the story right away. Also, the vampire romance aspect was not overshadowed by the adventure, which I really enjoyed. If you like more than just a blood-sucking romance, SNAP: New Talent has the ability to lift us out of our ordinary lives and takes us to a very exciting world of espionage, adventure and plenty of glamour.

You can grab your paperback or Kindle version of SNAP: New Talent today.

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