Does Hamilton’s Anita Blake Get Too Sexy for Most Fantasy Writers?


fantasy writers, Laurell K. HamiltonI know there is some controversy about Laurell K. Hamilton’s sexy vampire hunter Anita Blake. For even the most generous of fantasy writers, the book can sometimes veer from vampire fantasy to something a bit hotter and hmmmm – well almost kinky. Personally, I think it fits the character just fine. Anita is a lot of anger and passion in a very hot little package. Maybe wound a little tight, but still more or less under control. She may be one hard-ass gal, but she does seem to attract the most swoon-worthy of the paranormal set. That’s when they aren’t trying to kill her, that is.

But Hamilton doesn’t seem too worried by the buzz about the sexual appetites of her main character. I agree that although the sex seems to have overtaken the series by about the mid-point of where we are now, I still enjoy them all. Hamilton is still in my books one of the most passionate writers within the vampire sub-genre of fantasy. There is a reason the series is coming up on book 23. When it comes to vamps, weres and fast-paced adventure, it is hard to beat Hamilton at her game.

If you are a fan already, you may enjoy her current musings on her latest project Affliction. If you have heard of Anita Blake and her vampire hunter adventures, and were curious, here is your chance to check it out.

Guilty Pleasures

fantasy writers, Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. HamiltonThis is the first book that introduces us to Anita and company. The world is much like our own, only with a few twists. One is that vampires and werewolves exist and are out in the open about it. Another is that there are some humans who can literally “raise the dead” and Anita is one of them. Imagine the possibilities for solving a murder if you can have the murdered come back and finger who killed them. Most days, that is exactly what Anita is up to in her work as a necromancer.

Anita is talked into going to a vampire nightclub for a friend’s bachelorette party – and that is when the action truly begins. She meets the very sensual Master Vampire Jean Claude, who is everything a sexy vampire should be. He is tall, dark, French and dripping in lace and leather with a sardonic wit to match his piercing eyes.

Things get ugly when Anita is kidnapped by the Master of the City Nikolaos. She is a sadistic killer who will stop at nothing, and wants Anita’s ability for solving paranormal murders to help her find out who is killing vamps. Jean Claude does come to her rescue, but we also see that Anita is a gal who can take care of herself, thank you very much. We see plenty of action, smoldering sensuality but no sex yet. Just wait- there is more to come.

The Laughing Corpse

fantasy writers, The Laughing Corpse by Laurell K. HamiltonThis time around it is Voodoo Queens that Anita must contend with. While following clues to solve a murder, Anita meets up with Dominga, who has learned to harness her voodoo abilities by replacing the souls of the dead. She plans on creating an army of sexual slaves she can easily sell and from it amass great wealth and power. She even offers to show Anita, who already can raise the dead, how to move beyond simple voodoo to even greater powers, as her partner.

It is Anita’s refusal to be a part of this horrific plan that puts her in the center of a battle, and for more than just power. For the dominion of souls is at stake, and Anita fights not just for her life, but for the balance of good and evil in her world.

Of course, in the midst of all of this there is the question of Jean Claude and what he means to her. Anita continues to be drawn to him, and he to her. But she will not succumb without a fight and Jean Claude cares too much to compel her. Their bonds pull them closer all the time, but Anita is frightened by what it could do to her soul if she should give in to her growing desires. You are gonna grip the pages and sweat through this one!

You can be reading these tonight when you download the Kindle version of Guilty Pleasures or The Laughing Corpse. Still the old fashion book fan? That’s okay; we got you covered too with paperback versions of both Guilty Pleasures and Laughing Corpse as well. Can’t say we didn’t make it easy for you.

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