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Five shades of vampire, delectable vampire bookFive Shades of Vampire by P.  Bayliss

The plot is a little thin, but the concept is brilliant! Sarah is a human who is in love with a vampire. That much we can admit runs as a thread through almost every vampire romance you have ever uploaded to your Kindle. The twist here is that rather than tell us all about how she met this amazingly gorgeous creatures and what it is about him that drives her wild, she just skips it and get to the important stuff! Come one, you know exactly what I am talking about.

From the start of this hot yet delectable vampire book we are introduced to Sarah and her lover by seeing her shiver in excitement just while eating at the dinner table. She is in the middle of a ritual, one that will bond her to her lover forever. You know, I never really thought about it before, but if I wanted to make a commitment to a vampire, a creature that if he does die will wait several hundred years to do so, it had better be a real commitment. Because the truth of the matter is – this death till us part declaration just doesn’t happen with the undead. It goes much longer than that.

Vampire Commitment

And that is exactly why as Sarah has found out, one doesn’t make a commitment to a vampire lightly. They don’t do it lightly either. So a ritual has been formed, one that truly bonds the human and vampire together in many different ways. It turns out the ritual is incredibly sensual, extremely dangerous and almost never completed. There is a good reason why.

So we follow Sarah on her journey through the five levels of acceptance – the ritual that will bond her to her lover forever. We sit in her head and feel both the agony of the separation from him and the ecstasy of each level as it binds her closer and closer.

A Tasty Treat

So take a deep breath before you start on this one. You may want to make sure you leave time so you can read it all in one breathless gulp. Luckily that shouldn’t be too hard; it isn’t a really long book. But it is a delicious little treat, a delectable vampire book that fulfills that one specific need.

You can download your yummy little copy of Five Shades of Vampire to your Kindle today! Sorry, no paperbacks yet!

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