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Sookie Stackhouse Book 13For many of us Sookie Stackhouse fans it is hard to believe that the upcoming Sookie Stackhouse Book 13, Dead Ever After is the final one in the series. With all the years of following Charlaine’s wonderful series and then getting the treat of True Blood to add to the enjoyment of our gal Sookie, it will be hard to read the final book in the series and know that this is it, the end of the story and our trips to Bon Temps.

In the last book of the series, we see that in many ways some things never change in Bon Temps. It starts off simple enough when Arlene comes around Merlotte’s trying to get her old barmaid job back. Like that would ever happen, considering that Arlene was the one that tried to kill Sookie! Turning her down was the most fun Sookie had seen for a while!

Not like the situation she has to endure with Erik suddenly being a truly ice cold Viking. It seems that not only Erik but every vamp in town is giving Sookie the cold shoulder these days. But when she finds out why they are treating her like so much bad news, she finds even her sensibilities can be shocked.

Sookie Stackhouse Book 13 Packs A Punch

Just when it seems that things can’t get much worse, they do. A horrific murder happens in town, and everyone is horrified to see that it looks like Sookie is the prime suspect! Of course, no one is more shocked than Sookie herself when they come to arrest her for murder.

When the evidence they have turns out to be so flimsy that they cannot even hold her, Sookie’s feelings of vindication are short-lived. That may be because when she decides to find out who the killer really is, she finds out some truths about Bon Temps that she may wish she had left alone. Sometimes the truth doesn’t set you free, it just frightens you.

When everything you thought was true is a lie, and the one person you thought you could count on is revealed to be something else, what can you trust anymore?  In Sookie Stackhouse Book 13 our gal is in for a lot of revelations, and not many of them are pretty.

For those who aren’t great at waiting you can actually pre-order your book in either the hardcover or Kindle version now for the May release.

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