Bite by Charlaine Harris and Various Authors


Bite by Charlaine HarrisThe following 5 short stories comprise Bite, a compelling collection of blood-sucking tales sure to entertain:

-The Girl Who Was Infatuated With Death by Laurell K. Hamilton
-One Word Answer by Charlaine Harris
-Biting in Plain Sight by MaryJanice Davidson
-Angela Knight’s Galahad
-Blood Lust by Vickie Taylor

Here’s a review of each short story:

The Girl Who Was Infatuated With Death is an earlier chapter from Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. When vampire hunter Anita Blake is called upon to help a distraught mother stop her daughter from becoming a blood-sucking beast, she knows she must give it her best shot. Since it’s illegal to convert teenage mortals into vampires, Anita would have to slay the beast who committed the infraction. Along with her vampire friend, Jean-Claude, and local werewolf leader Ulfric, Anita embarks on the dangerous mission.

In One Word Answer by Charlaine Harris our saucy mind-reading cocktail waitress Sookie Stackhouse can’t seem to stay out of trouble. While Sookie and her ex-boyfriend Bill Compton are doing yardwork one night a suspicious looking man arrives in a limo to tell her that her cousin has died and that she’s been named the sole heir in the will. Sookie soon senses that he and his “friends” have more in store for her than a simple will reading.

Biting in Plain Sight by MaryJanice Davidson brings readers back to the delightful Queen of the Vampires series. In a small Minnesota town we meet veterinarian Sophie Trudeau, a likable if not eccentric doctor. You see Sophie only takes appointments in under the cover of night. She also never seems to age. Although we, as vampire fans, know what’s up, the townspeople are in the dark. So, when a rash of deaths occur Sophie and her devoted friend Liam (who knows what she is) set out to capture what they believe is a vampire gone haywire. Queen Betsy Taylor joins the duo, and the antics ensue in this light-hearted and entertaining short story.

Galahad by Angela Knight is easily the sexiest of the stories in the anthology. Incorporating full-on sex scenes and brash language, it is set in the parallel universe of Mageverse. Caroline Lang is a witch who, along with King Arthur and his vampire knights, is determined to save humanity. The local witches want to work but unlucky (or lucky) for Caroline, a witch has to have sex with a vampire before she can begin using her powers. Caroline’s scenes with the handsome Sir Galahad will have readers thoroughly engrossed in this guilty pleasure.

The last story, Blood Lust by Vickie Taylor, stars Daniel Hart, a researcher whose development of synthetic blood is in high demand. After Daniel loses his girlfriend and his valuable discovery to his vampire employer, he begins a mission to become a fanged one himself. Daniel tries to convince a local beauty, female vampire Deadre, to turn him. She’s not inclined to do this and the interactions between she and Daniel are priceless.

Overall Bite was a joy to read. Fans of the authors will enjoy reading about their favorite characters, and finding new ones! Check out Bite at online sources like Amazon.

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